Thursday, April 14

I haven't been here for a while. Will be back soon.
I don't walk away from the past. Yes I move on, we all do. But...

Why should anybody be ashamed of their past right? why shut everything behind? Good or bad, lessons are learnt, isn't it? :)

So I quote George Santayana's famous quote;

Those who do not learn from the past, Are destined to repeat it.

Be it embarrassing, morose, or happy events. It will be written here. For I have learned. 
That there is no use in wasting people's time in getting a consolation from them. You'll only irritate them. They have their own lives to handle too heh.

People who care about me, they can leave whenever they want to, and those aren't my call to make.
I'm done with seeking love or attention from anybody. Those are are still there by me, it's best i do as little damage as I could.
The biggest mistake have been made, so I shall let that mistake keep its throne.

But here, the canvas is mine, all mine...